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Civil Engineering Department



Being the leading department in producing civil engineering engineers who are professional, having environment insight, having entrepreneurship spirit, and being able to adapt to the technology development.


The mission of this department is:

  1. To carry out the education and learning in civil engineering program which is effective and produce human resources who are professional and having entrepreneurship spirit, and also being able to orientate on the technology development.
  2. To develop research and community service in order to implement the civil engineering science that environment conceived integrally.

The purpose

The purpose of this department is to produce the civil engineering engineers who have the basic knowledge, attitude, and professional skill, so they are able to work in their discipline, and having competence to be able to adapt and also be able to develop themselves in the development of new civil engineering science and technology.

Graduate’s competency

The graduate’s competencies produced by this department are:

  1. being able to apply the basic knowledge, mathematics, and civil engineering principles that owned in productive work activity in civil engineering.
  2. Being able to work effectively as individual and in multi discipline team.
  3. Being able to design, to plan, to organize, and to supervise the building work until 3 floors and simple bridge, the transportation infrastructure; road, airport, harbor, and system irrigation and also water building.
  4. Being able to create independent work/entrepreneur.
  5. Being able to develop themselves and adapt to the development of civil engineering with computer aid.    

Supporting Facility

In order to support the process of learning, this department is facilitated by several supporting facility, they are:

  1. Physics laboratory

  2. Concrete technology and structure laboratory

  3. Hydraulics laboratory

  4. Geodesy laboratory

  5. Transportation and main road laboratory

  6. Soil mechanics laboratory

  7. Image laboratory

  8. Center of civil engineering application computation

Those laboratories are already completed with the laboratory’s equipments that fulfill the standard of laboratory work necessity according to DIRJEN DIKTI regulation. Those laboratories are not only used for students’ laboratory work, but also used for conducting research done by both students and lecturers from inside and outside UMM. In addition, they are used as the center of service and testing service in construction for practitioner.

The center of civil engineering Application Computation is used to fulfill the work world needs and the improvement of civil engineering graduates’ competitiveness in computer application in where this center of computation has already completed with licensed soft wares for civil engineering, such as: AUTOCAD, STAAD-Pro, Microsoft Project, Water-Net, Geo-Slope etc.



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